Engage your clients with a branded, document collaboration experience

Extend your brand with a completely flexible, engaging, client platform

Recognized by a leading NYC-based fintech consulting firm as the "obvious choice" in organization, given our emphasis on estate planning and a streamlined user experience.

Current challenges

Lack of communication with your clients

Poor document management experience prevents client engagement.

Engage clients proactively. Receive notifications on client activity. Be aware of their needs ahead of requests.

Differentiate, Retain and Develop client relationships

Staff still collaborate outside of existing portals (using email, cloud drive links, etc.).

Save hundreds of hours of unproductive time. Real-time sync with your existing cloud drive storage reduces unproductive admin time. Not sending email with attachments or links reduces compliance and security risk. Clean, easy-to-use, interface reduces client inquiries.

Next Generational Planning

Existing portals limit collaboration beyond main client contact.

Easy collaboration with third parties. Permission controlled access provides access to the right contacts. Extend relationships to your clients' family and professional network.

What is SideDrawer

SideDrawer is an EASY-TO-USE mobile and web solution for Professional Service Providers. Your clients can capture their personal, financial and other pertinent records very easily, allowing for greater collaboration and communication with you through a single, virtual, living repository.

How to collaborate using SideDrawer

We designed SideDrawer with the user's experience at the center of everything. You can access all functionalities on any device -through your mobile app or the website, anywhere, at any time.
Holistic Client Profile Management

See all of your clients in one view. Have multiple clients? Simply go into a particular client's profile and see all the files in that SideDrawer you have been granted access to. Need details? Dive into each client's SideDrawer as needed!

Transfer & Share

Sending files via email can get messy. You or your clients can share files and documents through SideDrawer allowing you to collaborate with your client in real-time, share with other relevant stakeholders, and effectively plan their life's next steps!

Comprehensive Notifications

With push notifications and a record of everything that has taken place, you'll get notified right away when a change took place or a document has been uploaded or something was deleted!

Network Sharing

Don't wait until it's too late. You can get access to your clients' personal and professional network to establish and nurture a trusting relationship that will lead to new clients, partnerships and sales opportunities!

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